Snowshill Manor (Gloucs)

It looks so serene from the outside, reached after 30 minute walk from the car park (so we won’t be returning – the only house I walk that kind of meandering way for is Stowe House).  Inside is the collection of a hoarder – Charles Wade – who feared his life’s work would be disseminated if he didn’t leave the whole lot to the National Trust.  This hoarder, know by villagers as somewhat eccentric, took to living in the stable block across the yard,  devoting the whole house to quiet dark protection for his belongings, which range from Chinese cabinets to Victorian push chairs, to spinning wheels and Tudor beds.

Personally, I belong to the group of people who prefer to have one of something, of the best possible quality I can afford, rather than a dozen of something.  I really don’t need a room of Samurai Warrior clothing or an attic full of spinning wheels.  Suffice to say, I wasn’t impressed.

However, the saving grace is that Snowshill Manor is only 5 minutes’ drive from my future home.

At least I’ve now identified where it is!  It’s in the tourist enclave of Broadway, somewhere you definitely should visit.

When visited: May 2014


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