Whittington Court (Gloucs)

This is Whittington Court, an Elizabethan manor house with no website but which opens because it has to (IHT relief).  The owner’s daughter has recently moved back home, armed with a small family, and so no doubt there will be changes afoot.

We were told that the house should have been double the width but the original intention was not followed through (perhaps because the land was too boggy – there was originally a ?wooden moated house on the site) and so we end up with a lopsided houses with a large and imposing staircase in the centre.  Upstairs, the long gallery has been divided into a series of rooms including a kitchen.

Of note are the bookcases in the front roomoriginally made for Sandywell Park and thought to be by the Gillow company” – I noticed them because they have grills in the astragal glazing to allow ventilation and small balls on strings hanging from where one would normally see dentil.

The history of ownership is complicated and involves protracted litigation.  The current owner inherited, quite unexpectedly? in 1985.

We had tea on the terrace with the family.  They were very welcoming but I ended up feeling rather mean that they have to open the house to the public.

When visited: May 2014

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