Greyfriars’ (medieval townhouse) robin, Worcester

We visited Worcester – it’s cathedral and the Royal Worcester Museum and D expressed disappointment at expecting a town similar to York, packed with streets of medieval half-timbered houses.  Unfortunately, Worcester suffered during the 20th century and now houses a rather ugly shopping complex in its centre where there would have been wonderfully wonky houses.

However, there was an *eccentric* brother & sister pair – Elsie & Matley Moore – who actively sought to protect Worcester’s heritage and Greyfriars house (late 15th C) is where they made their home.  It had once been grand but had been subdivided, with homes above, shops tacked onto the front, and it was in a rather squalid state.  They, however, took it back to how they thought it should be, and lived without television or comforts (though the sister had a radio that she could listen to, out of earshot of her brother).

Interestingly, they decided to decorate the downstairs dining room in Georgian style?!?

The Moores died in the mid 1980s and thus the house has come to the hands of the NT.

Outside is a small garden, where I made friends with a robin.

When visited: May 2014


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