Hamilton House (Maine, USA)

The Hamilton House is a more interesting proposition than that which we visited earlier in the day, the Sarah Orne Jewett House.  The former is someone’s domestic home, the latter was designed for a business man shipping merchant Jonathan Hamilton in c. 1785 and was meant to say something about his status.  It sits on a high point on the Salmon Falls River and standing in his front garden he could watch his ships.

The one thing I remember is the very wide hall and the architectural wallpaper.

Further reading here.

Later it fell into disrepair after use as a farmhouse and was eventually bought by the Tysons, who used it as a summer house.  While some of the extensions the Tysons added have been removed, the house is presented as their home, including some whimsical murals and their collection of handcrafted objects.

When visited: September 2013

Website: http://www.historicnewengland.org/historic-properties/homes/hamilton-house

Theme tune (because it poured while we were there)



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