Sarah Orne Jewett House (Maine, USA)

This house was built in 1774 and can be found in South Berwick, Maine, USA, very close to the state border.

Sarah Orne Jewett lived in the home, owned by her family since 1819, for much of her life.

 Sarah Orne Jewett was an author and rich kid and while she went on periods of travel away from this house, after her parents’ death she continued to live here.

See here for some photos of the interior as photography wasn’t allowed.  And for more detail on the author, skip over to Milady’s Boudoir.


There are lots of interesting white clapboard houses in this part of Maine.  While I continue to be disappointed with their drab historic interiors (compared to those in England), they are pretty from the outside.

After the Jewett House we went to the Hamilton House (about which more time) but on the way we made time to stop off (in the pouring rain) and look at this famed “Wedding Cake” house.

Still I ask myself, should the home of every author be open to the public?

When visited: September 2013


Theme tune: Rain

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