The plan for 2014

This picture of Hovingham Hall on the HHA’s website has long teased me

Finally, during 2014 we plan to visit some of the places I’ve long wanted to encounter.  Part of me doesn’t want to go to such places, in case they disappoint, but heck:

  • a week in Gloucestershire & Herefordshire (visiting Ludlow, having lunch at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir and going to Highgrove Gardens – D has a special birthday with a number ending in ‘0’ so this is a treat weekend).
  • a trip starting in Yorkshire, climbing up the North East towards Edinburgh;
  • a couple of days in the Lake District; and
  • Pompeii & Herculaneum (plus Sorrento & Naples).

I have no greater plans than that for 2014.  Seems somewhat under-ambitious for me…  I wonder what else I can add to the list.  Maybe I should sign up to some Georgian Group or HHA trips.

I have started making a list of some properties I’d like to visit on the North East/Scotland trip (planned for late June/early July)

North-East hit list

Drumlanrigh Castle, teasing me from the HHA’s website

Any suggestions?

Note to self: this is not the year to get killed cycling around London!

Theme tune

6 thoughts on “The plan for 2014

  1. Highly recommend Culzean castle even if been there before. A second visit is always better than the previous. The itinery sounds interesting. Good hunting.

    1. Thanks Jack. That is one of the few Scottish places I have visited but I think on this trip we will be on the eastern side and won’t make it over to Ayrshire. maybe another time

  2. Drumlanrig is a dream. Went there in the 80’s and was absolutely awed by the art collection. The amazing thing which struck me as charming but possibly very risky was the seeming almost total lack of security. Lovely local docents were stationed here and there, but certainly not in every room. Sad that several years ago a large art theft occured at Drumlanrig. Suppose now things have tightened up a bit. The setting is very romantic. I probably will not return as my one visit was so lovely I want to keep my memory unsullied.

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