Upside Down House on Blackfriars Road (London)

Upside-down-house-1-528x791Each morning I sit at the lights at the southern junction of Blackfriars Road and watch as commuters march past Alex Chinneck’s “Miner on the Moon”, which was installed at the end of 2013 on a Georgian circa 1780 derelict site that is due to be demolished.

Chinneck compares his public art to that exhibited in galleries.  In the case of the later, he accepts that the viewer has made a conscious choice to visit the art but “with public sculpture, people don’t necessarily make that choice – they may not like the artwork or may not want the artwork and therefore I think it’s important for the work to be able to disappear and not dominate its environment, but be harmonious with the environment.”

He says, ‘For that reason I used only the materials which feature across Southwark and Blackfriars so although the artwork is quite bold it also has subtlety and the ability to camouflage into its environment.’

When visited: every morning until it is removed


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