The distinguishable Sir John Soane: Pitzhanger Manor (Ealing, London)

What do you make of Sir John Soane’s work?

While I adore (adore!) the Sir John Soane Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields and its splendid collections (including Hogarth’s ‘A Rake’s Progress’ and some very nice Canalettos), I wasn’t too keen on his (brief) country home, Pitzhanger Manor.

Photocopies of The Rake’s Progress, to show where it would have hung

To be fair, he designed the place and then moved out (living there for less than a decade).

However, my visit to the house very much highlighted how distinguishable his style is.

I don’t believe the ceiling…

Maybe being able to spot an architect’s work just comes through experience, but I think I’m pretty good nowadays of say “that’s very Adam-esque/Wyatt-esque/Sloane-esque, if not by the man himself”.

Soane’s signature style seems decisive, angular, heavily influenced by Greek key, definitely bold.

What do you make of this sorry house (in council ownership and currently a fledgling chick, awaiting a serious injection of cash to revive it).  I wouldn’t bother.  More of an ugly duckling.  I’d pour the cash into maintaining the Sir John Soane Museum itself, where the treasures that were originally displayed at Pitzhanger Manor were moved.

One to return to in 20 years time…

When visited: September 2013


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2 thoughts on “The distinguishable Sir John Soane: Pitzhanger Manor (Ealing, London)

  1. Pitzhanger Manor is my local ‘museum’ and I agree it’s currently not really worth bothering with for out-of-Ealing-ers. Aside from the fact that all the good stuff is in the Soane museum, there is a real lack of energy in the place. The (very little) amount of marketing to do with the place seems to direct visitors to the PM Gallery next door, which is fine if you like art, but does nothing for the house.
    A multi-million pound restoration project is currently under way to improve the Manor and Walpole Park (originally the gardens of the Manor) which I hope will improve things. I disagree with your suggestion that all the money should be directed to the Soane museum instead, but perhaps they should give up trying to contend with that, and instead focus on, say, Georgian Ealing.

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