Houses & gardens visited during 2013

Why does anyone blog?

Why of course it is to experience something twice, thrice, or even four times.  Making warm memories for rainy days. This year I’ve made it through the rain to many a house and garden and once again it is 31 December.

And for those who can’t quite reach the houses I visit, well I can take you there too.

Thank you for all the comments.

Favourite house of 2013: Burton Agnes Hall

Favourite garden of 2013: Wisley

Here’s where I visited this year, in chronological order.

  1. Courtauld Gallery
  2. The Shard
  3. 16 Queen Anne’s Gate (London) (private house)
  4. Charles Dickens Museum (London) (ArtFund)
  5. Yorkshire Museum (York) (ArtFund)
  6. Merchant Adventurer’s Hall (York) (ArtFund)
  7. Fairfax House (York) (ArtFund/HHA)
  8. RHS Harlow Carr (North Yorkshire) (RHS)
  9. Bagshaw Museum (West Yorkshire)
  10. 19 Princelet Street (London)
  11. Chiddingstone Castle (Kent) (HHA)
  12. Sissinghurst Castle #1 (Kent) (NT)
  13. Godinton Garden (Kent) (HHA)
  14. Hole Park Gardens (Kent) (HHA)
  15. Bodiam Castle (Sussex) (NT)
  16. Great Dixter (Sussex) (HHA)
  17. Lamb House & Rye (Sussex) (NT)
  18. Wrest Park (Bedfordshire) (EH/Art Fund)
  19. Woburn Abbey (Bedfordshire) (HHA)
  20. Stonor House (Oxon) (HHA)
  21. Stowe House & Gardens (Bucks) (HHA/NT)
  22. Syon House (Middlesex) (HHA)
  23. RHS Wisley (Surrey) (RHS) – April
  24. Bruce Castle (London)
  25. Water House, The William Morris Gallery (London)
  26. Colne Valley Museum (Yorkshire)
  27. RHS Wisley (Surrey) (RHS) – May
  28. Hatchlands Park Gardens (Kent) (NT)
  29. Hever Castle (Kent) (HHA)
  30. Riverhill Gardens (Kent) (HHA)
  31. Claremont Landscape Garden (Surrey) (NT)
  32. The Homewood (Surrey) (NT)
  33. Apsley House (London) (EH)
  34. Chelsea Flower Show (RHS)
  35. Dorney Court (Berks) (HHA)
  36. Sissinghurst #2 (May) (Kent) (NT)
  37. Pashley Manor Gardens (Kent) (HHA)
  38. London Open Squares weekend 2013: St Michael’s Convent (Ham)
  39. London Open Squares weekend 2013: Kensington High Street roof gardens
  40. London Open Squares weekend 2013: Carshalton House Water Tower
  41. London Open Squares weekend 2013: Westminster Abbey gardens
  42. Kensington Palace (London)
  43. Leighton House Museum (London)
  44. Restoration House (Rochester) (HHA)
  45. Gardening Museum (London) (Art Fund)
  46. 575 Wandsworth Road (London) (NT)
  47. 35 Turret Grove (London) (NGS)
  48. RHS Wisley (Surrey) (July) (RHS)
  49. Dulwich Picture Gallery (Art Fund)
  50. RHS Harlow Carr (Yorkshire) (RHS)
  51. RHS Tatton Park Flower Show (Cheshire)
  52. Chiswick House (London) (Art Fund)
  53. Newby Hall (Yorkshire) (HHA)
  54. Château Ramsey (Montreal, Canada)
  55. Maison Cartier (Montreal, Canada)
  56. Montreal Botanic Gardens
  57. Maison Defrusse (Montreal, Canada)
  58. Château Frontenac (Quebec City, Canada)
  59. Sarah Orne Jewett House (Maine, USA) (Historic New England)
  60. Hamilton House (Maine, USA) (Historic New England)
  61. Castle in the Clouds (New Hampshire, USA)
  62. Strawberry Banke (Portsmouth, Maine, USA)
  63. Boston State House (Boston, USA)
  64. Gibson House Museum (Boston, USA)
  65. Shirley Eustace House (Boston, USA)
  66. The White House (Ealing, London Open House)
  67. Pitzhanger Manor (Ealing, London)
  68. Neo Bankside (London Open House)
  69. 147 De Beauvoir Road N1 4DL (London Open House)
  70. The Jewel Box (London Open House)
  71. Customs House (London Open House)
  72. Harewood House (Yorkshire)
  73. Burton Agnes Hall (Yorkshire)
  74. Burton Constable Hall (Yorkshire)
  75. RHS Wisley (Surrey)
  76. Polseden Lacey (Surrey)
  77. Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Gardens (Yorkshire)

Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “Houses & gardens visited during 2013

  1. Many thanks, Robin, for all your wonderful posts. Having an interest in architecture, I truly enjoy reading about the houses you visit. Hopefully, my wife Vicki and I will be able to visit some of them. We are moving to Florence next September, which will enable us to travel in the UK much easier than now from our home in the western U.S.
    Happy New Year to you!

      1. Parlo un po’ italiano, ma sto imparando.
        I’ve been studying Italian seriously for about three years. Your “Learning Italian” blog has been a huge help to me and I have all of your posts saved (though I know they’re accessible on your website). I’m looking forward to full immersion when we get to Florence next September. I’m retiring as an art professor at our university and we’ve decided to take a new adventure of living in the country we’ve visited almost every year since 2002.
        Many thanks, I’m certainly looking forward to robinonawire in 2014, HNY to you!

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