Burton Constable Hall (Yorkshire, East): Christmas House Countdown

We visited Burton Constable Hall immediately after a trip to its nearby namesake Burton Agnes Hall and given how spectacular the latter is (my next post), it was always going to be the poorer cousin.

BTW, “burton” means “fortified settlement”, which harks back to the ancient origins of both houses.  The land was given to Norman settlors, presumably so someone was keeping an eye on those unruly Northerners.

Burton Constable Hall is an Elizabethan skin (circa 1560) with a Georgianised interior (plus Great Hall (remodelled in the 1760s) and Long Gallery – late 16th C).  Not therefore too unlike The Vyne, though closer to Temple Newsam in terms of the forlorn state the visitor finds it in.

Someone who liked bright colours lived at this house.  More specifically, in the 1970s, someone with a pot of psychedelic yellow paint attacked the sitting room/main staircase and then moved into the long gallery before dolloping poo brown paint in the main hall.  Talk about “getting the colours wrong”.  The yellow paint is also shiny.

I think Patrick Baty should visit.

As ever, it looks like a Victorian has spoiled a lovely room by adding a row of bookcases.

I liked these ?Recency corner chairs in a little study off the long gallery.

There is also a ‘Chippendale Room’ with some fine mirrors and a seat topped with a palm tree that looks like it should be in a grand hotel.

Burton Constable Hall is a house with a gigantic restoration task on its hands.  There is a new reception area, which bodes well for the future as the standard is high.  Similarly, inside the house a new rear staircase has been installed and it got a tick from me. They have also recently received a Lottery Grant to restore the stable block, which will be brought back to life next year.

However, if I lived there I’d be saving up for paint, big time.  I’d like to go back in 20 years.

When visited: November 2013

House * out of 5: ***

Gardens * out of 5: N/A (they don’t have flowerbeds)

Website: http://www.burtonconstable.com/

Theme tune: Patience (they will get there)

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