Itinerary: a week in Montreal & Quebec City

I have already posted some pictures of my recent trip to the French speaking province of Quebec, Canada.  Here is the itinerary.


We landed at the airport late on Thursday evening.

Friday: get to know the history of Montreal

Chateau Ramsay
Chateau Ramsay

Saturday: the museums & get to know the town a bit better

Sunday: the Olympic Village –

Chateauc Dufresne
The house was built by two brothers as mirror-image semi detached houses, each taking one half of the building above.


Monday: VIA rail Montreal – Quebec City

  • 9am train; arrive Quebec midday
  • explore the fort
  • farmers market by the docks

Tuesday: explore the old town/museums

Wednesday: shopping

  • morning shopping
  • walk along the cliff face (it was too foggy to take the boat across the harbour)
  • walk around the park
  • if the weather had been better we would have done more but we could have easily seen Quebec City in one and a half day and on the second day I was getting board (or perhaps I was just excited about the prospect of being able to pick McIntosh apples straight from the tree in Maine)…

On to New England I said!!!!!!!

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