Out and about in Quebec, Canada

In September 2013 I visited Montreal and Quebec City.

Here are the highlights

Colourful houses in Montreal. Many of the older houses have high steps to the front door and upper floor flats have external skeleton stairs.

I preferred the Pantry at Sir George-Étienne Cartier House, which reminded me of 1720s England.
You can’t visit Canada without seeing a beaver?
Or a porcupine – not as spiky as I would have thought.
In the centre of this bit of modernist concrete in the former Olympic Park in Montreal there is a cable car up to a great observation tower.
Moving on to Quebec city, we were fascinated by the mixture of roof materials – some copper, some steel, some zinc, some slate.
Perhaps the most photographed hotel in the world? Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City – http://www.fairmont.com/frontenac-quebec/
We had breakfast sat in the window of the oldest shop in Quebec City – J A Moisan http://jamoisan.com/index.php?id=1407 – (with a coffee cup the size of a bowl). I liked the zinc roof on the shop
The old town in Quebec City is very pretty. Everyone speaks French.
Look out for the ladder on the roof.
Quebec City through the ages, via trompe-l’œil.
We visited an exhibition showing Parisian glamour in Quebec at the Museum of Civilisation (http://www.mcq.org/en/mcq/expositions.php), where there was also an exhibition of computer games through the ages and I had lots of fun (I could have been left there all day but D wasn’t playing ball)
We stopped off for lunch after the exhibition, and with our bellies full we prepared the shoe leather for some more pounding.
In Montreal at the Museum of Fine Arts, there was an entire classical building full of glass sculpture by Chihuly – http://www.mbam.qc.ca/en/ and http://breathtaking.ca/
And in the same museum, there in the “Modern Art” section (a part of art museums I can generally take a brisk walk through with only the occasional linger), I saw a picture I really love. Ii is by a living Canadian artist called Dorian Fitzgerald.  I think I need a picture like this at home.

It was a very interesting week.  If you haven’t been, I’d suggest 5 days in Montreal (there are lots of museums) and one and a half days in Quebec City.

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