Jardin botanique (Montreal, Canada): be prepared to go “wow”

The single best thing I saw in Montreal was the Mosaicultures exhibition at the city’s Jardin Botanique.  The vast concentration of queues on certain paths (which we couldn’t quite make out until we turned a corner from what was otherwise “normal” botanic garden) was explained when we were confronted by the gigantic, living sculpture above.

You can read more about how successful it was here.  CAD$17m was raised in entrance fees (although we bought the 3-day Montreal Museum Pass, which gives access to all the museums in the city and is well-worth buying if you visit Montreal and have strong shoe leather).

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see this spectacle when visiting the gardens.

Everything is made of living plants and I’m sharing here those exhibits which photographed the best.

I like the small “real” bird sitting at the foot of the flying bird in this picture. For proof that we were in Montreal, see the famous observation tower in the background (which, yes, we did go up).

When visited: September 2013

Website: http://espacepourlavie.ca/en

Website: http://www.mosaiculturesinternationales.ca/en/

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4 thoughts on “Jardin botanique (Montreal, Canada): be prepared to go “wow”

  1. The woman with a faint smile and closed eyes looks gorgeous and sculptural, yet you say that the art in the gardens is all made of living plants. So that “skin” must take a truckload of work to keep it smooth.

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