Syon Park: pepper pot lodges

I can’t help popping into Syon Park when I can.  This time the sun was shining.

I asked about how the Dukes of Northumberland came to own Syon after the dissolution of the monasteries.

The land originally went to the Duke of Somerset, Lord Protector to King Edward.  He probably started construction of the original Tudor house. However, he had his head chopped off so the land reverted to the Crown.

Turns out the lands were costing the Crown a lot to maintain and so a look of Court was taken in, to see who could take them off the state’s hands.  The Duke of Northumberland, being based far away in the North of England, was the target, originally only agreeing to lease Syon.

The Duke’s son was married to Lady Jane Grey & it was probably in Syon’s walls that she was persuaded to take the throne before her death by execution.   The Duke was also killed!


The two pepperpot lodges opposite the house were designed by the 9th Duke when he was imprisoned for 17 years in the Tower of London for his part in the gunpowder plot against James 1:,_9th_Earl_of_Northumberland

Well, a man has to keep himself occupied!

If you look closely, apparently he didn’t quite get the entasis (narrowing) of the building right, so it they look a little odd.

When visited: April 2013


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