Hole Park (Kent): no-one’s at home, just leave your money in the box

We got lost.  We set off from Ashford, couldn’t find Hole Park and so tried for Pashley Manor Gardens, which we did find; but they had a note on the gate saying “shut because of bad weather, open in a couple of weeks”.  Grrr.

We tried to find Hole Park again and this time we happened upon it.  There were some caravans in a field by the gate and D refused to follow a sign into another field towards the parking, preferring instead to pull up right outside the house and crack open the flask & sandwiches.

I went to investigate as we hadn’t seen a single human.  I didn’t find one but on a table outside the front door was wicker basket with some cash – notes wrapped around a rock and some coins.  Also the Historic Houses Association sheet to sign.  I signed us in and went back to get D out of the car.  What faith in humanity?  Less than 1 hour from London.

I was taken with a bank of heather.

We walked around the gardens – formal lawns and hedges around the house and through the valley behind the house, woodland walks with a tropical dip into what D said would have been the quarry for the house.

The sundial garden was being redesigned – we saw a human in the form of a builder.

In search of the café, we found another room with a biscuit tin of money and the resources to make lunch.  I bought some honey and deposited my money.  D went off to look at the plant sales.

How strange an experience.  I’m told there are wonderful blue bells so one for a future return visit?

When visited: March 2013

Garden * out of 5: ** 1/2

Website: http://www.holepark.com/

4 thoughts on “Hole Park (Kent): no-one’s at home, just leave your money in the box

  1. The bluebells are beautiful 🙂 We’ve been a few times as we are members of the HHA. The family were there last time we went taking the admissions.

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