My Maze Craze: Woburn Abbey (Bedfordshire)

I really like mazes and after a couple of other visits to Woburn Abbey when the maze was locked,  in March 2013 I finally made it to the centre.

6 thoughts on “My Maze Craze: Woburn Abbey (Bedfordshire)

  1. Were you standing atop a step ladder when you took that picture, or are the hedges low enough to just step over if one finds oneself at a dead end?

    1. I was standing a very muddy outer lane. I got very muddy but had no special equipment. The maze is on a hill opposite the main hall. Some children in the maze at the same time has cream linen shoes on. D refused to go beyond about 2 metres. I persisted. Carpe diem.

  2. Wonderful image. The pavilion was built in about 1833 but was based on a design in William Chambers’s 1757 book ‘Designs of Chinese Buildings’. Some motifs from his book were also used in the earlier Chinese Dairy at Woburn (1789). Chambers’s designs rapidly became the dominant style for chinoiserie pavilions in the Regency and early Victorian period. And all this chinoiserie in the garden was echoed by the Chinese wallpapers in the house, some of which are still there.

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