Sissinghurst Castle Garden (Kent): the thieves

When we visited Sissinghurst in March 2013 it was freezing cold and the garden was bare.

In May 2013 the day was much warmer, but many of the beds still showing a lot of soil.

Very sadly, thieves had visited the garden the night before us and the police were still there when we arrived.

They had stolen a statute from one end of the Lime Avenue (look closely – there’s just a plinth).

And also tried to steal the urns.

I was the first into the garden and so I had a chance to take a few pictures without massive crowds, because boy is this garden a busy one.

I’ve seen other prolific garden visitors counsel against visiting Sissinghurst.  I can see why.  I would recommend either getting there 30 minutes before opening time and waiting time in the car park or going at the very end of the day – when we left (at about midday) there was a queue of traffic about a mile long trying to get in (not helped by the fact that two coaches had met on the very narrow lane into the garden).

If you happen to be in the area between 11am and 3pm, I’d suggest heading to Pashley Manor Gardens or Great Dixter instead.

We’ve agreed we don’t need to go back to Sissinghurst again for at least a decade.

When visited: May 2013


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