RHS Tatton Park Flower Show & Harlow Carr

Last Saturday was a first for me: RHS Tatton Park Flower Show.

Don’t know why we hadn’t been before as the ticket was only £16 and the venue (Tatton Park) is only 58 minutes’ drive from (Yorkshire) home.

D had already been because a neighbour’s date in 2011 had dropped out at the last minute and so D had become both guest and chauffeur for the neighbour.  They met Monty Don so Tatton Park Flower Show gets more than an occasional mention!

In fact, I’d only been to Tatton Park itself once before (and fell in love with the Japanese garden).  It was in the pouring rain and the house wasn’t open.  I think I’ll have Tatton on the 2014 “must see” list.

I digress.

Short of time and need a simple but effective back garden? I’m not sure how much longevity there is in the flowering and how crisp this garden would look after a couple of years, but it caught my eye.
I thought this border of purples, white and a shot of orange worked really well. I’d be happy with this garden.

The stands in the marquees were of the usual high quality.

Tatton isn’t Chelsea so I didn’t expect the same type of garden.  In fact, there’s a different focus – council parks departments put on displays and local schools put in some entries.  With more space on offer, these “gardens” fill up spaces between the marquees.

I did REALLY like the parks department ducks in a bath.  I’d like this in my local park.  It was tricky to photograph so I got a bit artistic.

Buying plants

For me, Tatton Park Flower Show was about buying plants.  4 or £10 on one stall or £3 each.  I could have gone crazy but I was catching a train from Manchester to London straight after the show and therefore limited myself to a chocolate cosmos (smells of chocolate too!), two bunny tail plants (love them!) and 3 pinball wizard alium bulbs.

I also took the chance (once again) to ask the stalls in the marquee with propagating bark as a dressing where they get it from.  I’ve been a little obsessed with propagating bark since I first saw it being used at Chelsea as a display dressing some years ago (it’s really meant to be used for propagating orchid seedlings) but it would look really nice to dress all my tubs.  It’s dinky stuff and much nicer than the chunky stuff available at garden centres.  Melcourt Propagating Bark or Madingley Mulch might be my saviours.

All the babies in the crèche waiting for their parents to come back for them.

Harlow Carr

I had started the week with a trip to RHS Wisley, so just to get the most out of our RHS cards, on the Friday we also visited RHS Harlow Carr.  Well, why not?  In contrast to Wisley though, Harlow Carr was a bit disappointing – it’s more of a valley with wood walks on one side and some average stuff on the other side: lake, alpine house, example ‘back gardens’.  There isn’t a big glass house.  I’m probably spoilt with having Wisley and Kew near me and having just been to Wisley didn’t do it any favours, but for me Harlow Carr isn’t someone I’d make an effort to visit again (except perhaps for lunch at Betty’s).  The camera barely came out and there was only one picture I bothered to keep, of an on-trend meadow flower border.

The week was all about hot summer flowers







And for a bit of fun, here is a walking, talking flower-pot that we spotted at Tatton Park.  It is ordering its lunch from the burger van.

When visited: July 2013

RHS Harlow Carr: http://www.rhs.org.uk/gardens/harlow-carr

Tatton Park: http://www.tattonpark.org.uk/

5 thoughts on “RHS Tatton Park Flower Show & Harlow Carr

  1. It’s was my first visit too! I loved it! We had good weather and I too, could of spent hundreds on plants. There were amazing bargains to be had! Love your blog! if you get the chance you should pop to Bolton and visit Smithills Hall. They are working on the gardens at the moment, but the hall it’s self is rather lovely! It’s not big but it’s a beautiful Tudor building.

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