Wrest Park (Bedfordshire): a hop and a skip from Woburn Abbey

English Heritage are restoring this property’s grounds (and hopefully soon also the building).

The product of a wealthy amateur architect who fancied himself a French château..

It was freezing cold during our trip and we managed to get a personal guided tour of the grounds from inside a buggy; this limited my chances to actually take pictures of the gardens, which are being taken back to their original 18th century layout (i.e. largely pre-dating the house).  We were allowed to stop off at this folly above in the garden – where elaborate parties would take place.

It suffered because during WW2 it became the HQ of a large company.

Incidentally, it is also where the Country Houses Committee (forerunner to the National Trust/English Heritage) was based during WW2.

Board room chic.

When visited: March 2013

House * out of 5: **

Garden * out of 5: ***

Website: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/wrest-park/

9 thoughts on “Wrest Park (Bedfordshire): a hop and a skip from Woburn Abbey

    1. Je n’ai sais pas I’m afraid Jack. I think the interior in its current state is horrid, but then the house is to my eye horrid too, being much later than the gardens. The gardens are G-R-E-A-T and I’ll hopefully visit them again in a few years during the summer, once they’re a bit more established and when the sun is out.

      1. Poor you in Aus. It’s been a 180 on last year here in London. If you need some heat see my post from RHS Wisley. One of the best things about my posts for me is looking back to return to the heat or chill of the day…

  1. Awful. Why is English Heritage putting money into this one? (Rhetorical question, as are others by me. Don’t feel obliged to offer an answer.)

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