Someone I met at RHS Wisley

Ever get that feeling of someone watching you?

I had found a shady spot at RHS Wisley and was immersed in the ‘challenging’ Sudoko.  I got that feeling.

I was slouching on a bench and when I looked up, a little robin was sat at my shoulder.

He came back when enticed by some crumbs and let me take a few pictures.  Little tart, no?

When met: July 2013

One thought on “Someone I met at RHS Wisley

  1. Brilliant! I had a squirrel do that to me a few weeks ago. He boldly climbed up the chair, onto the table, and watched me bring up my camera. At this point, we were less than 12 inches apart. I pointed my camera at him and the little fellow stuck his nose right up to the lens. He allowed me to take several pictures before he got bored and climbed down. Ok, maybe not bored. Maybe he saw there was no food on my table :-/

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