Holkham Hall (Norfolk): when the rain came down on jubilee day

The exterior was lacking for me but I was there to see the entrance hall.  Wowser.

It was the Queen’s Jubilee day.  Hence some rather strange juxtaposition.

I didn’t take from Holkham what I had hoped to.  Maybe I don’t really like Palladianism?

I did however like this micro mosaic nicked from Italy and brought to Holkham.

When visited: June 2012

Website http://www.holkham.co.uk/html/thehall_intro.html

7 thoughts on “Holkham Hall (Norfolk): when the rain came down on jubilee day

  1. I think I have the same feelings about this house as you; it sort of leaves me a bit cold. But the library looks like a very welcoming room to be in. The second photo looks like everyone’s waiting for you to arrive. 🙂

    1. Yes, the hall at Holkham Hall was used as the interior of Devonshire House while Somerset House on The Strand posed at the exterior, Devonshire House itself (which stood near where The Ritz is on Piccadilly) having been demolished, although the gates to Green Park ARE the gateposts of Devonshire House.

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