Felbrigg Hall (Norfolk): it has a very big dovecote

A 17th century soul with a dose of 19th and 20th improvements.

This exact style of chandelier just in shot is in many Norfolk houses.  The story goes that the maker of them was located on the route from London to Norfolk and as it happened, the great house owners of the east all stopped of in the same place!  Keep your eyes peeled for it on your travels.

Wikipedia says:

“Felbrigg estate, originally home to the Felbrigg family, was long the home of members of the Wyndham family, since the first John Wyndham (d. 1475), acquired the estate from the Felbrigg family. Thomas Wyndham (d. 1522) was a councilor to King Henry VIII. Later residents included John Wyndham (1558–1645), probably the builder of Felbrigg Hall. The last Wyndham of Felbrigg was William Wyndham (d. 1810).

The last owner of the house before it passed into National Trust ownership was Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer. The original heir, Robert’s brother Richard, was killed in action in the Second World War. A memorial to Richard Ketton-Cremer was constructed in the woods behind the house by Robert. Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer wrote a number of books, particularly about Norfolk, including Felbrigg: the Story of a House, and Norfolk in the Civil War, Faber, 1969. In the latter, he indicates his health is failing. Robert Ketton-Cremer never married, and with no heirs, left the estate to the National Trust on his death in 1969. Part of the estate was acquired by the Beeston Hall school.”

Website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/felbrigg-hall/

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