Strangers Hall, Norwich


A gout stool

The house is a mismatch of eras, in a way that only councils do best!

A popular pub game – get a ball in the mouth.

At some point I’ll come back to this house at some point to talk about the Hugenots and Dutch influence on art, architecture and interiors.  It was this visit that sparked my curiosity.

When visited: June 2012


2 thoughts on “Strangers Hall, Norwich

  1. What a fabulous place! As you say though, it’s a pity the council preserved the Victorian elements rather than reinstate those rooms to one of the earlier periods.


  2. Your photos are very evocative of an era that seems to have long disappeared, yet is still well preserved. It is interesting that the cotton industry was struggling on the Continent. Yet by the time the strangers settled in Norwich, the industry was doing very nicely indeed. At least in Strangers’ Hall, they looked to have been very comfortable!

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