Colne Valley Museum (Yorkshire): not ignoring the doorstep

It is easy to ignore what is obvious to me but perhaps, I now realise, quite unusual to others.   Where else does one find cobbled streets of weavers cottages outside Yorkshire?  Weavers cottages are to me what unusual trulli houses are to Southern Italians.

The weaver cottage is upside down living – the rooms on the highest floors were lined to the Southern aspect with windows and the rooms filled with looms and weaving apparatus to provide the longest possible working day.

Yorkshire was long-associated with the cloth trade, until the mid-1950s.  This museum captures a little bit of that history, in a village not too far from where Luddite uprisings took place when mechanised labour-saving machinery was introduced.

There is also an example of a cobblers studio.

The entrance would be at ground level and the house would be two or three stories high, depending on the gradient of the hill on which they were built.  Usually there would not be an internal stair, but rather the family would walk around the outside to enter the working room on the upper floor.

When visited: April 2013


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