Chelsea Flower Show 2013

My favourite garden was the The Arthritis Research UK Garden designed by Chris Beardshaw.  I was pleased to see that it triumphed in the People’s Choice Award category.

One thing we noticed in particular was the use of blues, creams and lilacs in the show gardens, save for a couple of splashes of orange.

I took away the name of a couple of tulips and some daffodils that I would like to see next spring.

I didn’t welcome the use of travertine or wood for flooring but was pleased to see the use of sandstone paving.

When visited: May 2013

I did like the Japanese artisan garden but think the show would benefit if a designer couldn’t show two years in a row.

The one garden I didn’t rate was the Telegraph Garden.  Should a garden need an explanation for one to begin to appreciate it?

There is also an increasing focus on sculpture in garden.


Further reading from gardening blogger the Galloping Gardener:

6 thoughts on “Chelsea Flower Show 2013

  1. Fab photos. Thank you.

    Travertine is new to me. Is your objection aesthetic or ecological?

  2. Mainly because it looks good for one week at chelsea but naturally has lots of dents and holes that the distributors fill in with cement. This will fall out. Even a good tile distributor warned me against using it for a bathroom. Don’t reckon it’ll survive in a garden for 20 years. And how slippy in the rain…?

  3. Very interesting to see a different aspect to Chelsea, I haven’t been for several years now, but did watch some of it on TV before being put off by the endless drivel spouted by the various presenters. I agree with your comment about the Telegraph garden and explanations, and think your idea of maybe not letting a designer exhibit 2 years in a row is excellent as this could make more room for new designers to get a foothold instead of the usual suspects.

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