As mentioned last week, there are two particular reasons why I appreciate Chatsworth House.

The first reason relates to a small painting on the back of a door.  In fact a very famous picture.  But just of a simple violin.

 It’s a very good example of trompelœil, which literally means “trick of the eye”.

 When you look at the picture, the idea is that you’re tricked into thinking that you’re looking at the real thing, be it a view through a window, someone peeping around a door or over a cornice on the ceiling, or even the door itself (the pediment and door handle might be real but the door a painting).

Chatsworth is very proud of its violin and keeps it behind glass.


I cannot mention trompel’œil without taking a quick trip to Houghton Hall by way of comparison of a similar technique, after which I will return to Chatsworth for the second ‘detail’ that I like.

2 thoughts on “Trompel’œil

  1. So agree re the treasures of Chatsworth House Robin 🙂 We clearly share a love of the place as you can see from my lastest blog post mentioning that very trompe-l‘œil painting!

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