Stowe (Buckinghamshire): a masterpiece in the artificial natural landscape

Stowe House wasn’t open but we took a walk around the grounds.  These were, like Stourhead (which I visited in 2011), frequented by tourists right from the outset.

Stowe apparently has the longest facade in England (not Wentworth Woodhouse).

There is a lovely Chinese summer house, recently restored.  Emile de Bruijn wrote about it on the National Trust’s Treasure Hunt Blog.

Another corner, a Palladian bridge.

A gothic folly.

Then a piece of Roman architecture.  A bit like the concept of Las Vegas.  The wonders of the world come to you at Stowe.

A beautiful vista.

A Roman arch.

What a peacock Stowe was before the 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Chandos went broke and had to sell most of his precious belongings.

Next time I hope to visit the house too, which is gradually being restored:

When visited: July 2012

Garden * out of 5: ****

Theme tune: Around the World with Willie Fogg


4 thoughts on “Stowe (Buckinghamshire): a masterpiece in the artificial natural landscape

  1. Thanks very much for featuring the Chinese House, my favourite garden pavilion! And seeing it among the other images in this post brings home once again how it provides such a pleasing note of delicacy and whimsy in the very grand setting of Stowe.

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