Haddon Hall (Derbyshire): forget Chatsworth, go down the road to a hidden gem

Reason to visit: to see the original Tudor kitchen.  A new kitchen was just built elsewhere.  Look closely at the undulating windows too.  Wonderful.  I’d really like to know more about them.

If ever there was a house with patina, this would be one.

I adored this lime-washed long gallery.

Have you noticed how each room has its own light and glow?

Spot the modern piece?

This is a lovely home and well worth a visit.  Lived in by the brother of the Duke of Rutland (who himself lives at Belvoir Castle).  The hall is perched on the top of a mound and seems to have grown up organically.  There is a cafe and nice shop.  It’s a stone’s throw from Bakewell, a small town I strongly recommend for a visit.

Think of all the feet that walked over this step.

Forget about Chatsworth House, Derbyshire is all about Haddon Hall (just down the road btw).

When visited: September 2012

Website: http://www.haddonhall.co.uk/

Theme tune: Human

4 thoughts on “Haddon Hall (Derbyshire): forget Chatsworth, go down the road to a hidden gem

  1. Yes, it is rather lovely. I’ve actually stayed there, when it was used by the previous duke. I presume the “modern piece” is the picture of Ld. Edward’s mother, Frances?

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