The plan for 2013

Hever Castle
Hever Castle

Someone asked me what the plan is for 2013.  Errm, well, it’s not totally resolved yet.

  • I have decided this year to have an ArtFund card (too many good exhibitions coming up not to have one), so I’ll be visiting some of the places it gives free entry to: see here.  I’ve already booked my tickets to the British Museum Pompeii & Herculaneum exhibition that starts at Easter.
  • I should be tripping around Kent & the South East over EasterSissinghurst is our target but if the sun is out I’d also like to go back to Hever Castle as last time we visited it poured down and I’d really like to see its beautiful gardens basking in the sun (provided admission is still free with the HHA).  I’ve also mentioned The Vyne.
  • D and I are planning a trip to Canada (and possibly New England).  Montreal & Quebec in The Fall, and if budget allows, a drive back down to Boston (we loved it when we visited in 2011 and definitely need to go back to the Museum of Fine Arts there).   If we can drive down through New England we’ll join Historic New England and try and visit some of their houses.
  • And, finally, just a pipe dream I know, but I seriously seriously want to go on a trip The Georgian Group are organising in October to the Veneto.  I speak Italian and my love of architecture springs from those beautiful buildings that exist in the Veneto, apparently the wealthiest region in the world.  I know this trip will cost £1000s so I won’t be able to afford it, but if only…

Perhaps I can convince The Georgian Group they can use me as staff and exploit my Italian language skills (was that I pig I just saw fly past the window?)

3 thoughts on “The plan for 2013

  1. Sometimes I think we must follow each other around – at least we are on the same wavelength. More than I’m prepared to admit at the moment (I have language skills ‘plans’ too!). Montreal, New England, Boston, Kent all on my itinerary last year. This year not decided yet. I can recommend the Historic New England properties – check opening days and times very carefully, some are very limited. In Boston, do try to get to the newly extended (controversial I think) Isabelle Stewart Gardner museum very near to Boston MFA. Can’t wait to read all your reports throughout the year.

    1. The ISGM – D hated it, whereas I was at least able to appreciate what she was trying to achieve, despite the outside looking like an office building. We did a pretty extensive USA tour in 2011 and have done all the major sites in Boston apart from the Gibson House. That’s when we discovered HNE (at the Otis House). D has specifically asked for Canada though and I promised yes, once I could speak French. I’ll have 2 years under my belt by September so the time is ripe! Great minds think alike and all that… We stayed in Blighty last year and did Wales and Norfolk but some guaranteed sunshine is much in need.

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