Goddard’s Garden, York (NT): empty chocolate box seeking refilling

We were going to York to the National Trust’s “Treasurer’s House” and I said to D: “there is another National Trust garden in York”.  D denied this, having been to York many times.  However, on a busy road around the corner from the race course there is indeed a house, an Arts & Craft house none the less, which was built by a member of the Terry family – yes THE Terry family that give their name to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

The house has views over to the family’s chocolate factory and also rather good views of York Race Course.

That weekend the house was due to be opened for the very first time to the public.  Lots of removal men were on site, moving arts ‘n’ craft pieces into the house.  We sneaked a peak into the hall but were there to see the garden, which has to fight against the rabbits.

Previously the house was just used at the National Trust’s regional HQ, which explains why D had never visited here before.

Parking may be an issue here but we’ll be back to see what the house is like now that it is out of its scaffolding and open to the public.

However, for us, having seen the pond, the wide borders, the volunteers in the vegetable patch, the former bowling green that is now just a grassy space, the lower rock pool and peeped over the hedge to the racecourse, we jumped back in the car to visit The Treasurer’s House in the centre of York.

When visited: June 2012

Garden * out of 5: **

Website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/goddards/

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