Merry Christmas from Osterley Park (London)

I went to Osterley Park to see the Christmas trees, having been twice before during the summer.

It was cold and there were some fairground rides in the stable yard and a craft fair in the kitchens.

I visited the few rooms that were open – the long gallery, library and yellow dining room (a room with a blog).

I took a walk around the grounds, past the stream and the ice house mound, eating my sandwiches in the Robert Adam Pan summer house in the formal gardens.

If you hadn’t noticed, this is an Elizabethan house that the Childs (bankers, owners of Child & Co) commissioned Robert Adam to redesign the interior of.  It’s not wholly dissimilar to its neighbour Syon.  It amuses me that the neoclassical screen was added to the inner courtyard.

Then I cycled the 20 miles home, calling in the V&A’s new History of Furniture Gallery on the way.

Somewhere to visit again in the summer I think.

When visited: December 2012

House * out of 5: *** (interiors are 4)

Garden * out of 5: **


Theme tune: Jingle Bells Rock

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