What do people read?


This is my diary of where I visit, lest I forget, and somewhere to marshal my memories, but it always fascinates me when from time to time I look at the ‘stats’ page and see what brings people here. 

Before I decided to document my trips I was totally unaware that there are other people out there just like me, some even more obsessive or passionate about history, architecture, interiors, gardens, artists and the importance of beauty in everyday life.

I started noticing certain diary entries are waaaaay more popular than others.

Here’s the top seven posts that people read. 

1. Dating Georgian houses by their windows
2. Dennis Severs’ House (Central London): 18th century history in silence
3. Castle Howard: a house for all seasons (Yorkshire)
4. Index – houses & gardens visited
5. Syon House (Greater London): Adam as interior decorator of the medieval house
6. London Open House Weekend: why London is my favourite city
7. Hampton Court Palace (Nr London): paying to repair the chimney pots
8. Greek orders

And my favourite post to write so far?  Definitely the Dennis Severs one.


4 thoughts on “What do people read?

  1. I’m not as knowledgeable as you but I have an interest in old chimneys! People always “modernise” (butcher) old houses but strangely seem to leave the chimneys period-style …. great for a spot of detective work.
    I also look for old slate patterns on roofs – did you know that all the different sizes used on old roofs – biggest at the bottom, going smaller until you get to the top of the ridge – had names? Countesses, duchesses, princesses right up to jenny-go-lightlys. Isn’t that so lovely?

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