Llanerchaeron (mid Wales) – three little pigs doth not maketh a working farm

I may have mentioned before that I once worked at Buckingham Palace and of course as a result of that stint I know quite a bit about John Nash, particularly his ability to design glass roofs that leak.  He struck at Corsham Court and also at Llanerchaeron, which in fact boasts two roof lights – one by Nash that leaked and one over the stairs which is later in a deco design.

The National Trust own this house because it is an early example of Nash’s work, dating from the 1790s.  It is supposed to be a working farm but we only saw 6 chickens and 3 pigs and given it was Easter we were sorely disappointed because we were expecting cows, sheep, horses etc.  Sigh, there were just empty shells of former farm buildings and an eerie silence.

The house also disappointed me because the National Trust’s policy of preserving the house in the style of the last owner means the interior of this house is somewhere between 1910 and 1930, including sparsely decorated bedrooms and gas fires.  If I were in charge of NT policy I’d be suggesting that since the draw for this house is the fact that it was designed by Nash, its interior should be taken back to the 1790s.

See what you think.


When visited: April 2012

House * out of 5: ** (for the curved door and original corner cabinet)

Garden * out of 5: *

Website: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/llanerchaeron/

Theme tune: Old Macdonald Had a Farm (had being the operative word)

6 thoughts on “Llanerchaeron (mid Wales) – three little pigs doth not maketh a working farm

  1. Dear Visiting,

    The facade of the house is absolutely gorgeous, though! This is a house that I would have thought (by the facade) would have been fantastic. I look forward to seeing more of your posts.



    1. Hi Taylor
      Indeed, I hoped too that the interior would match the facade but there has been some Edwardian tweeking and thus the result is somewhat mismatched. NT policy for you I suppose. You win some, lose some. It was worth a punt. Could have been fabulous but wasn’t. One to go back to in 20 years and see what has changed I think (if I’m still here ;))

  2. Just love your observations and comments – and as the others have said, what a stunning looking building, shame about the interior. I’m not a fan of the NT – they preserve these houses and turn them into sad, dead museums with no thought of the families who lived there … and yes, it should go back to Nash’s time. At least they now allow photography in the houses – that was a step forward! I’m used to working and visiting HHA properties – so much nicer to meet the owners and wander through a “living house”. Keep up the good work though – really enjoy reading your blog.

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