Corsham Court (Wiltshire): school with rooms

One grumpy diary entry after another.  Apologies.  I really will take myself off to suck on a lemon in a second.

Adam added a touch here, the gothic also came out, the room guides include bored students (from the school upstairs?), bags are not allowed.  I got bored.  I got bored of saying I didn’t like the mirrors – apparently designed by Adam (I was shown the designs) because I thought them too bulky – turns out bits were added to his designs.  Me thinks if you had Adam designing, you should’ve let him get on with it…  Just my opinion.  Okay, I mean pier glasses if we are going to be ‘technical’.  I  got told off here for saying ‘mirror’.  Sometimes I really don’t like little hitlers with clipboards when all I want to do is look at a beautiful interior and learn how it came to be.

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, so I’ve forgotten the interiors.   Wikipedia couldn’t resucitate my interest in this house:  Neither than nor the Capability Brown, Repton and Nash associations (ah ah, now I remember about the leaks caused by Nash – he seems to have been guilty of this far too often).

I feel I’m being mean but the reception we were given kind of ruined the visit.  Think Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as the type of person we met.

Here is a picture from Corsham’s website:

 Ho hum.  Here is Corsham, in a very nice villlage.

D thought the gardens were like those of a monastery.

I liked the pleaching.

When visited: April 2012


House * out of 5: ***

Garden * out of 5: **

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