Belton House (Lincs): when something just looks good

We visited Belton House while Andy Murray and Roger Federer were battling it out in the 2012 Mens Final of Wimbledon.  I would have rather been sipping pims looking at the view of Belton.

A restoration house built between 1685-88, I liked this house all the more for just having had a terrible visit to Belvoir Castle immediately before.

Let’s peek inside.

The entrance hall – with some Gibbons carving?

Spot the gibb door?

Red hot.

See that screen?

Crazy library antics at this house – on the first floor above the door!

Our friend Charles.  He’s always popping up.

This house looks good from most angles.

From the front.

When visited: June 2012

House * out of 5: ****

House * out of 5: ****


Theme tune: I want to be a billionaire (I don’t – too many meetings with investment managers and lawyers, but I might waste a few million on a pad like this if I happened to make a few billion in online trading and get myself banned from the US)

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