Trulli houses: ultimate tax avoidance living

In times before squillionaires went to live in Monaco, the Italians were already avoiding taxes.

In the heel of Italy, Puglia, trulli houses litter the landscape – and because they can be taken down and moved (they aren’t any more, but originally they were) the dwellers avoided taxes.

The town/village of Alberobello is seemingly the capital of the trulli, and inside some of them are shops, others museums.  So you too can see how people live in these small, usually 1-3 roomed buildings (bedroom come living room and a small bathroom).

Okay, so it’s a bit of a tourist hell and many of the shops are selling tat, but we had a fun afternoon there, poking around in these tiny houses.

Perhaps somewhere new to consider for a holiday if you want to see some different types of house!

4 thoughts on “Trulli houses: ultimate tax avoidance living

  1. These are odd, little structures. I’d never heard of them before, and now, since I’m planning a lengthy trip to Italy next year, maybe I’ll see one and be able to identify what it is. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is a pleasure to read, as always.

    1. Ah yes, ‘il paese del mio cuore” (the country of my heart). Later in the year I plan to update our recent trip to the north and the battles of the palazzi of i laghi. Sure there’s a good storyline to do with povera italiana that could stem from a trulli house.

  2. Yes, it’s a very pretty town and well worth a visit. But do NOT go into any of the houses selling stuff unless you are sure you can say NO and stick to it. The sales pressure is unrelenting, and their prices are outrageous.

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