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This week’s local history topic for Hayes FM radio station was Chiswick House. Located between the Hogarth Roundabout and Chiswick Bridge, it was for almost 200 years in the possession of the Dukes of Devonshire until surplus to requirements, they offloaded it early last century, leaving local authorities scratching their heads as to what to do with it. Demolition was a very real option. In the 1950s, the Georgian Group and others pressed for restoration to its original specification. More recently, the gardens have benefitted from a National Lottery-supported £10 million overhaul  by the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust, founded in 2005 for the purpose. The project was completed last October.

chiswick house

So now this architecturally highly-significant early-Georgian villa, run by English Heritage, is as close as can be to its condition when built in 1729. The house was designed by its owner the 3rd Earl of Burlington. His protégé…

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