Living along The Thames (under snow)

It snowed in London last weekend.

I took the chance to wander along the South Bank of the Thames, reflecting on what Queen Victoria did for us in introducing the Embankment (under which could run London’s sewers), on the great mansions that flanked the north bank around where Somerset House and Inner/Middle Temple now stand, to look at my stomping ground where the Globe and Rose theatres stood, and to think about those who now live along the Thames.

Although the Thames no longer freezes over as it did before the Embankments narrowed and deepened the river, here’s
proof that sometimes things can be a bit snowy, even in Central London.

Borough Market, nr London Bridge

Looking towards Southwark Cathedral

The Globe theatre, sited near the original construction

Cathedral Houses, now offered for sale

OXO Tower, now part riverside homes.  So called because OXO flouted a ban on advertising by incorporating lit windows into the tower of this building in the shape of OXO.

This boat is another temporary installation (like the fox I saw last year) and is available for rent on a nightly basis.  Fun hotel room?

Charles Barry’s House of Parliament and one of the Victorian lamp posts that flank the Embankment.

And finally, a frozen fountain in Trafalgar Square, against the backdrop of Canada House (somewhere we visited during London Open House Weekend in 2008).

Lovely London.

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