Houses & interiors, Boston & the USA (part 2)

The second Otis house, Beacon Hill

Boston was the last city on our 2011 state-side trip and above is the only remaining privately-owned Bulfinch mansion on Beacon Hill.

The final Otis house flanks Boston Common.  Originally a single mansion, it was expanded to house one of the Otis’ daughters and thus joined the terrace.

The third Otis House

We had visited San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas and New York, Princeton and Harvard before Boston.

Boston has a handful of houses that are definitely worth visiting and in addition to the Otis House I recorded last week, we also went to the late 17th century Paul Revere House and the Nichols House Museum.  Photos were allowed inside the Nicholas House (a Beacon Hill town house) and so it deserves its own post.

Paul Revere House

Sadly, we didn’t have time to visit Gibson House or Prescott House.

During the 2 week+ holiday I had been on the look out for architectural details and inspiration.  I must admit, the pickings were much slimmer on the west coast.  However, as you’ll see from my pictures below, I found enough to keep me happy, especially inside the Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston and The Frick Collection in New York.

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
Japanese Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
The Old State House, Boston
Original road on Beacon Hill, Boston
Cabinets on display in the MFA, Boston
Interiors, MFA, Boston
Interiors, MFA, Boston
Interiors, MFA, Boston
Interiors, MFA, Boston
Fab regency bed, MFA, Boston
Interiors, MFA, Boston
Dining Room of Harrison Gray Otis House - see those tiny busts?
Architectural detail, MFA, Boston

Now that’s a feast for the eyes!

For more US house travels see Janet Blybergs house travels on her blog and her flickr stream.

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