London Open Garden Square Weekend 2011

This weekend is Open Garden Square Weekend, with 212 gardens across London opening up to the public, 31 of which are new this year.

Update: you can see my photo diary of the weekend here.

This is the 10th year for Open Garden Weekend and my 6th year participating.

Each year I pick a different area to visit and I hop from garden to garden.  Without my bicycle I wouldn’t see as many.   The gardens I aim for are those usually closed to the public.

Last year I visited Wandsworth Prison Garden.  This year I will be visiting Holloway Prison Garden.

Here’s my plan for this year (and if I have time I’ll be making a couple of stops to use my Art Fund card along the way):

Saturday – Bloomsbury & the Mayor

Garden Saturday
Camley Street Natural Park  NW1 10:00–17:00   
The Skip Garden  N1 10:00–17:00
British Medical Association WC1 10:00–17:00
SOAS Japanese Roof Garden  WC1 10:30–17:00
Ridgmount Gardens  WC1 10:00–17:00
October Gallery  WC1 12:30–17:30  
  • Possibly I’ll visit the Charles Dicken’s Museum and the Foundling Museum using my Art Fund card.
  • Heading for Lexham Gardens W8 5JB (open 3-5pm), where there will be a garden party, the Mayor of the Royal Borough of K&C in attendance and hopefully cakes! http://www.opensquare…


A quick stop at the jail followed by leisurely afternoon in North London

I hope the weather stays nice!


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